Stack each box on top of the previous one and try to reach as highest score as possible! Just Another Stacking Game is a simple casual game inspired by Stack game.


My first game in Unity3D. Created in about 2 days full of learning, watching tutorials, Googling and trying to come up together with some simple game.

I had to add a loading screen because of delayed audio playback in Chrome. The loading shouldn't take more than 10 seconds.

Music: Ether Oar by The Whole Other


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Just Another Stacking Game.apk 31 MB

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I got 64 :) This is so simple and clever! Nice job!


Hey, thanks for playing!

Hello! Just noticed the game was missing from Google Play after an update showed up for it but mysteriously disappeared later in the day. While I can do very well with itch, I am curious why it was taken down.

Hi, thanks for the message, they took it down because of some (probably) bug in Unity. Because they say that I use some Advertisement ID (which I know nothing about) and I need a privacy policy statement for that. I've found out that other Unity developers had the same issue as well but I haven't had time to look for a solution so far :-(

Anyway, thanks for playing the game, I remember you from the leaderboards! :-)


Ah, if so, you might see what solutions they used and alleviate the issue. And yeah, was second on the leaderboards (before getting to third). Guess I should try hard to claim second again!


This was cute, simple, and fun! Good job c:

Thanks for playing!

Well if this is really your first game in Unity3d congratulations! I really like that the graphics it is alive, the windmill it is so nice. Did you make vector graphics for background? The palette is also nice and the sounds/music match the style. Love to see more from you... 

Thanks for your kind words! I did everything myself except the music and sounds which I downloaded from the internet. I work as a designer so creating these assets was a bit easier to me.

Really nice and simple. The music and sounds just fit perfectly. Awesome work.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Loved it!

Very nice score!!

Thanks a lot for playing!

I have also added a link to the music's author, thanks for the notice.

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Hey, thanks for the review! 92 is really cool score!

Nice game! Keep it up.

Thanks for playing the game and leaving a comment!

I love the simple art style. Finishing any project no matter the size is awesome. Good work.


Thanks a lot! I have some ideas for making the graphics a bit more alive with some simple animations so I hope I'll be able to do what I want. And I completely agree with finishing projects. It's always important to finish the games even if they are not perfect. You can always make them better later, can't you?

GREAT JOB!!! It's a simple but adorable work for a beginner like you, I really like the idea that the box will grow longer when putting three boxes perfectly in a row. Please keep going!

Thanks for the kind words! I have many ideas for next games so I hope I'll be able to work on them as well.