Stack each box on top of the previous one and try to reach as highest score as possible! Just Another Stacking Game is a simple casual game inspired by Stack game.


My first game in Unity3D. Created in about 2 days full of learning, watching tutorials, Googling and trying to come up together with some simple game.

I had to add a loading screen because of delayed audio playback in Chrome. The loading shouldn't take more than 10 seconds.

Music: Ether Oar by The Whole Other


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Just Another Stacking Game.apk 31 MB

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Hello! Just noticed the game was missing from Google Play after an update showed up for it but mysteriously disappeared later in the day. While I can do very well with itch, I am curious why it was taken down.

Hi, thanks for the message, they took it down because of some (probably) bug in Unity. Because they say that I use some Advertisement ID (which I know nothing about) and I need a privacy policy statement for that. I've found out that other Unity developers had the same issue as well but I haven't had time to look for a solution so far :-(

Anyway, thanks for playing the game, I remember you from the leaderboards! :-)


Ah, if so, you might see what solutions they used and alleviate the issue. And yeah, was second on the leaderboards (before getting to third). Guess I should try hard to claim second again!


This was cute, simple, and fun! Good job c:

Thanks for playing!

Well if this is really your first game in Unity3d congratulations! I really like that the graphics it is alive, the windmill it is so nice. Did you make vector graphics for background? The palette is also nice and the sounds/music match the style. Love to see more from you... 

Thanks for your kind words! I did everything myself except the music and sounds which I downloaded from the internet. I work as a designer so creating these assets was a bit easier to me.

Really nice and simple. The music and sounds just fit perfectly. Awesome work.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Loved it!

Very nice score!!

Thanks a lot for playing!

I have also added a link to the music's author, thanks for the notice.

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Hey, thanks for the review! 92 is really cool score!

Nice game! Keep it up.

Thanks for playing the game and leaving a comment!

I love the simple art style. Finishing any project no matter the size is awesome. Good work.


Thanks a lot! I have some ideas for making the graphics a bit more alive with some simple animations so I hope I'll be able to do what I want. And I completely agree with finishing projects. It's always important to finish the games even if they are not perfect. You can always make them better later, can't you?

GREAT JOB!!! It's a simple but adorable work for a beginner like you, I really like the idea that the box will grow longer when putting three boxes perfectly in a row. Please keep going!

Thanks for the kind words! I have many ideas for next games so I hope I'll be able to work on them as well.